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Recruitment Procedure

SCC Recruitment process:

  1. The following duly authenticated/attested documents have to be submitted for the recruiting procedures by the employer company:
    1. A copy of the power of attorney duly authenticated/ attested/ issued by the foreign employer in favour of the recruiting agent to act on his behalf.
    2. A copy of the demand letter from the employer containing details of the vacancy demand. The demand should specify the type of worker required, nature and the number of workers, wages, salary, qualification, experience and other terms and conditions of services and benefits which the employer would like to offer.
    3. Document granting permission from the competent authority for employment of workers in the country.
  2. A specimen copy of the employment contract and service agreement mentioning wages offered and schedule of benefits including accommodation, food, medical facilities, leave etc.
  3. Recruitment permission: Immediately upon receipt of the application, the Department of Labor grants the permission on-being satisfied with the genuineness of the demand and the terms and conditions offered are in conformity with the Government regulations.
  4. Selection of candidates:
    1. On receipt of recruitment permission, we will publish an advertisement in the newspapers. Applications thus received/ collected are scrutinized for shortlisting as per the requirements of the employer. The Counseling classes will be provided to the short-listed candidates and then the particulars and details of short-listed applicants are sent to the employer if advised or are kept for interview and final selection by the employer's selection team.
    2. The employer or his representatives then carry out interview and final selection of candidates for which SCC provide all necessary assistance and logistics, with company presentation/briefing according to the demand letters, to sign the employment contract.
  5. Medical examination: Candidates finally selected undergo a medical examination in an authorized hospital or clinic. Only candidates found physically fit for foreign employment are eligible.
  6. Training: Additional skill training will be provided upon the request of the employer company, if the employer provides an extra period then the training cost could be managed through a donor agency for them to allocate the budget for the same.
  7. Counseling Classes: Various interactive counselling classes will take place to make sure candidates understand the employment conditions.
  8. Government orientation Classes: Nepal Government provides 2 days of orientation classes for the selected candidates, where the candidates will get full information on the country of their employment within the official demand letter provided by the Employer.
  9. Departure formalities:
    1. Passports: SCC assists the selected candidates to get their passports as quickly as possible.
    2. Visa: The employer arranges the visas on the passports of the selected workers with the cooperation of the SCC.
  10. Pre-departure training Classes: To provide basic information on the destination country, with a pre-employment briefing as per the expectation of the employer and the employment contract.

    The pre-departure classes contain are as follows;

    • Countries and Employer Overview
    • Duties and Responsibilities of candidates
    • Employment Contract terms and conditions
    • Salary and Benefits, Working Hours and Overtime
    • Bonuses/Allowances
    • Safety measures at work
    • Mobile apps use, QR code scanning
    • Cyber Crime information
    • Arrival and Departure Process
    • Awareness of the Employer pay model
    • Hotline and Helpline Information, in emergencies
    • Grievance Mechanisms
    • Things to do and not to do (prohibited by law)
  11. Ticketing and Immigration Clearance: The employers shall discuss and confirm the P.T.A. for the selected candidates with SCC. Then upon the confirmation of SCC, the employer shall issue the joining air ticket for the candidates. SCC obtains necessary emigration clearance from the Department of Labor and completes all formalities for departure.
  12. Feedback: SCC looks forward to hearing the feedback from the employers on the workers supplied by SCC, The Employer Company shall have at a minimum one meeting quarterly with the SCC department head to communicate the requirements/changes on policy of (Employer). Such meetings shall be compulsory to update/review the working modalities within the recruitment process. Our Company Managing Director is responsible for training and the review process to implement.

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