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Some important and pertinent information to bear in mind prior to your japan visit

The people are very quiet and polite in behavior. Talking loudly and shouting in public places is almost unheard of in Japan. They are also very clean and tidy in their outlook and in day to day life. The people are very hard-working and they expect others to do the same. Perfect timing is very essential so please don’t be late even for a minute for anything. It is advisable to be precisely at least two three minutes before the given time.


  1. Prior to the departure to Japan it is absolutely necessary to have some basic knowledge of the Japanese language. In Japan very few people speak English.
  2. Always speak with pople with a smile and with respect.
  3. Ask questions politely and don’t forget to say thank you.
  4. Like in most places in Nepal do not forget to take off your shoes before you enter a house.
  5. Do not go to meet any Japanese without taking appointment be it in the Office or in his house.
  6. Never back chat about one Japanese with another.
  7. Never bargain while shopping and don’t sample food at stores.
  8. If there is a rush always follow the quee.
  9. Keep your apartment clean and tidy.
  10. Always dress up clean and appear tidy.
  11. Always keep the kitchen clean and tidy after use.
  12. Follow the community rules for garbage disposal.
  13. Always keep the toilets clean and dry. Remember to flush the toilets after use. Maintain the bathrooms at least three times a week.
  14. Do not throw any thing out of the window on the road. Learn to use the dust bin.
  15. Do not talk loudly on the streets and at home. You could be disturbing your neighbour. Learn to have quiet meetings and get togethers with your friends.
  16. Do not play around with things at the store especially if you are not buying.
  17. Learn to have table manners while eating at parties and at restaurants. Do not chew with your mouth open. Try to keep the tables clean.
  18. Do not smoke at public places and at work. Smoke only at designated areas.
  19. Dispose the cigarette but in bin provided and not anywhere you like.
  20. Do not spit anywhere in the house or on the road.
  21. Dry your washed clothes fully rinsed in a proper place so that you don’t disturb your neighbours.
  22. Make sure that you have a comprehensive insurance policy. Call your employer immediately should you be involved in an accident.
  23. Should you be confused on any matter always consult and seek advice from your employer. Never take decision yourself.

We wish to thank the Japan International Training Cooperation Organization for bringing out the book “Guide to Life in Japan” from which the above instructions is mostly derived.

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